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ABOUT The Club

Who We are:

As the provinces premier full contact winter development program, A.I.S. has a proven our reputation for athletic development, post secondary recruitment, and preparation to compete at the next level in North America. By participating in this program players train will train with the A.I.S. staff, CFL players, and University coaches.


We emphasize player growth and development while providing opportunities for collegiate exposure through the year. Every player has a support system around them of a head coach, position coach, strength and conditioning coach, athletic trainers, college advisors, and more in their developmental process.


Pillars of our program:

A.I.S. football athletes are expected to maintain high expectations of respect, academic success, responsibility and ownership, mental and physical toughness, and complete personal and athletic development. 

We encourage the athletes in our program to become the best on the field, at school and in there communities. It is with this in mind that we have developed our program to strengthen each players hard work, respect, dedication, integrity, and focus on family and their aspirations for the future.


Hard Work

We impart the onus of hard work and empower empower our athletes to take the game seriously and train seriously. Our coaching staffs are packed with the knowledge of how to play the game of football and teach the "why".



We demand respect of one another in our program and have adopted a zero tolerance policy on behaviour and will be dealt with swiftly. We understand with today's youth that fun will be had but not at the expense of others.



As the premier off-season tackle football program in the country. We take pride in enhancing the experience for each of our athletes. Each year, we go back to the drawing board and reassess all aspects of our program.



We offer biweekly zoom meeting and expect full participation. If you dedicate the time to our chalk talk sessions it becomes clear on the field. With our NCAA University Travel Tour is the icing on the cake of your dedication.

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One of our core mottos is that we never lose. You only win or learn. This helps our future leaders to develop the core value of integrity beyond the gridiron. At Selects, players are encouraged to do what is right above all else.

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We perpetuate what is done at the next level. A.I.S. consistently connects with the best in the game to maintain our position as leader in development and to challenge not only the players but our staff to current concepts.

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